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HORSE’S MOUTH MARKETING provides holistic, creative and cost effective marketing solutions to international education offices and small businesses. Services include, but are not limited to:

Strategy & Design
  • Marketing plans

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Target Audience

  • Assessment of current marketing methods

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Web

  • Social Media

  • Brochures/Flyers/Posters/Postcards

  • Recruitment

  • Sales

  • Study Abroad Cycle (Interest, Application, Acceptance/Pre-Departure, In-country and Re-entry) review and planning

  • Branding/Rebranding

  • Defining Your Brand Identity

  • Logo Creation

Project Work
  • Crisis/Emergency Planning

  • Program Creation/Management

  • Office Process Review

  • CRM Assessment

  • Your Project Here

Copywriting & Editing
  • Blog Management

  • Content writing & CMS (Content Management Systems)

  • Direct Mail, E-mail and SMS Text

  • Print Advertising

  • Annual Reports

  • Presentations


Engaging & Authentic


from the horse's mouth

Paul Driessen, Owner

I've been working with Penny for almost 10 years on various Timber Innovations' projects. She has an uncanny ability to express my personality through our conversation and to always articulate those in wonderfully written copy. She's prompt, accurate, and most of all a pleasure to work with.

Bruce Sillner, Dean

Penny Schouten has worked with us on a variety of projects, over a long period of time.   She brings to her work not only a high level of understanding of issues facing international education offices, but also excellent communication skills.  She has been a pioneer in the use of social media in education abroad.  Penny is an outstanding resource.

Ryan Lorenz, Director

Penny had key responsibility for the marketing of Academic Solutions programmes worldwide. She demonstrated a high level of professionality, the ability to work with very little supervision, and a variety of skills that have contributed to the success of our growing operations.

horse sense

HORSE’S MOUTH MARKETING is uniquely positioned to help organizations and small businesses who need to improve their marketing and recruitment strategies or their processes, but don’t have the staff to accomplish the task. With 25 years of marketing and international education experience, both domestic and abroad, HMM can develop strategies and cost effective methods to reach organizational goals.

To find out more about Penny Schouten and Horse's Mouth Marketing, visit her blog Pony Tales.

Hudson Valley Women in Business Member
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